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February 4, 2016

Cadreon Partners with IPG Media Lab and Integral Ad Science for Viewability Study

The IPG Media Lab, Integral Ad Science and Cadreon have collectively produced a first of its kind large-scale research study on viewability. With the goal of quantifying the relationship between viewability and brand metrics, the research involved nearly 10,000 participants, looking at 189 different ad scenarios. Although the study was not meant to rewrite existing standards, the findings serve as a guide to advertisers and publishers alike regarding how best to make ads more effective given viewability standards.

Key takeaways include:

– Viewability is strongly related to ad effectiveness. As viewability increases, so does consumer attention and ad recall

– Ads that exceed the MRC standard have 16%+ recall as opposed to ads that meet the standard, which have 2% recall

– Ad exposure time influences ad effectiveness more than % in view

– Viewability is important, but it is not the be-all and end-all. It should not be a KPI


Read or download the Viewability materials:

– Viewability Study

– Viewability White Paper

– Viewability Infographic


January 22, 2016

Enabling the Technology – AdExchanger Panel from 2016 Industry Preview

January 8, 2016

Cadreon sees a 15% conversion lift with DoubleClick cross-device measurement

In today’s marketplace a consumer’s path to purchase frequently starts with an impression on one device, and move across devices to become a conversion on an entirely different device. Cadreon, the ad tech unit of IPG Mediabrands, has been partnering with an automotive manufacturer to measure this behavior in the programmatic media space.

“Our clients have a need to drive efficient leads. We were interested in this cross-device study to better understand the consumer journey and be able to target users wherever they are within that journey,” said Cadreon’s Krish Sailam, Cadreon’s Senior Product Manager of Mobile.

Cadreon began using DoubleClick cross-device conversion metrics to measure the impact of mobile and other devices on each conversion. The results ended up surprising all involved.

Read about the rest of the case study results here

December 24, 2015

Cadreon Test Drives Google’s Cross-Device Measurement System

by Kelly Liyakasa for AdExchanger

For several months, IPG Mediabrands’ ad tech unit Cadreon has been testing Google’s cross-device measurement system, baked into DoubleClick advertiser products as of June.

Krish Sailam, senior product manager of mobile for Cadreon, said the trading desk has run a few beta tests with advertisers, and noted conversion uplift has consistently reached the double digits.

Cadreon is sharing early results from its first series of tests using Google’s new cross-device system – a campaign for a big automaker that ran from August until early October.

Client objectives included: measure the role of mobile in driving sales and lowering CPAs, optimize programmatic spend more effectively and understand how each channel (smartphone, desktop, tablet) contributed to a conversion.

Previously, insights on some of these performance guidelines were less than clear.

“Most of our targeting was based on probabilistic solutions and our attribution sources, whether that was the ad server or multitouch attribution tools, weren’t cross-device aware,” said Ian Johnson, EVP of global product for Cadreon. “The attribution credits we got back weren’t necessarily reflecting the gain we were actually getting.”

Read the rest of Kelly Liyakasa’s interview here

September 23, 2015

The Broadcast Future: Navigating the Advanced TV Space

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