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Viewability Roadshow Presentation & Panel

On May 4th in the IPG Mediabrands offices in New York City, Cadreon, the IPG Media Lab and Integral Ad Science held a Research Roadshow event to present the results from their recent groundbreaking viewability study. This presentation was followed by an industry panel discussing key viewability related topics.


Cannes Judge, Jury & Execution: Melding Data with Creativity

Zona Foto | www.zonafoto.netBy Arun Kumar, Global President, Cadreon

Being a jury member at Cannes is an honor. But before beginning my journey as a judge, I had mixed feelings. Creativity is a much abused word, and in an industry that faces challenges from tech disruption, ethical conundrums and the constant demand of greatness for the price of a cup of coffee, it can get quite tedious.

And then you sit in a room and see the work. Work produced by teams, some young, some old, from grizzled veterans to fresh faces. And you sit back and feel two contrasting emotions: pride and humility. You feel proud that you work with such talented people. And you also feel humble when you realize that some of the narrow conversations in the trade press or even in some aspects of your own work haven’t truly explored the vastness of creativity.

I was a judge for the Creative Data Lions, a category that has only now entered its second year. One of the first things I realized during my tenure was the depth and scope of what can qualify as a use case for data. Most of us have rigid interpretations of data and most tend to not associate data with creativity.

But the work broadened my own understanding of how data can enhance creativity. There were more than a few examples of outstanding work where I struggled to separate data and creativity.

And when you sit in that room with the rest of the jury, you will not hear the noise of our ecosystem. You will not hear the voices that are trying to profit from the atmosphere of mistrust and confusion that exists in the marketplace. You will not hear the sometimes sensationalist members of the press that dismiss nuance and individuality.

What you will see and hear are the results of thousands of genuinely creative and hard-working teams that are trying to solve real world problems. And it doesn’t matter if they came from agencies or brands or event shops. For those few moments, it’s just intelligent creativity on display.

As my stint comes to an end, I am grateful for those inspiring moments. Because I now walk away with reaffirmation in our craft and a desire to do great, creative things, the same passionate feeling I had when I first entered the business eighteen years ago.

Cadreon Mexico Wins Silver Award at Festival of Media Global

Cadreon Mexico took Silver for Best Use of Programmatic Technology at the Festival of Media Global. The winning entry was a first-party data campaign for the Chrysler/Dodge RAM 700.

Two other entries were shortlisted finalists in the Programmatic Technology category: Cadreon U.S. for the BMW ‘Driving Moments That Matter’ campaign and Cadreon Mexico for the Chrysler ‘Programmatic Audio Ads’ campaign.

First Party Data Campaign


TubeMogul Debuts Private Marketplace & Direct Deal Capabilities For Programmatic TV

Emeryville, CA – May 19th, 2016 – Today, TubeMogul (NASDAQ: TUBE), a leader in software for brand advertising, announced that marketers can now purchase linear television inventory through TubeMogul’s programmatic TV (PTV) platform via private marketplaces and automated direct deals. Cadreon, the Ad Tech unit of IPG Mediabrands, has beta tested the new product exclusively within their advanced TV platform developed in conjunction with TubeMogul.

Through the new functionality, TubeMogul and Cadreon clients can either input pre-existing private deal criteria – including network, flighting schedule, day parts, number of advertising spots and pricing – or request access to network-specific private marketplaces, powered through API-level integrations with multiple supply sources. The new capability enables marketers to plan, buy and measure their direct and SSP-based PTV deals holistically from a single unified platform.

Popularized through traditional digital programmatic executions, private marketplaces and automated direct deals provide a framework from which programmatic principles can be applied to TV industry dynamics. By controlling the number of buyers and pre-negotiating either a fixed- or floor-rate price, media owners retain control over inventory while simultaneously maximizing yield.

“The introduction of private marketplaces and automated direct deals represent a great opportunity to drive additional efficiencies in the advanced TV space,” said Arun Kumar, Global President of Cadreon. “We’re encouraged by early results and believe both networks and advertisers alike will benefit from the increased flexibility and effectiveness provided through software.”

“Cadreon remains a clear-cut industry leader in their progressive approached to advanced TV,” said Todd Gordon, General Manager of Programmatic TV, TubeMogul. “The introduction of private marketplace models to automated linear television improve effectiveness and efficiency for advertisers and improve relevance and immediacy to TV viewers.”

Magna Global estimates that programmatic TV will be represent $10 billion of total TV advertising budgets by 2019. TubeMogul CEO & co-founder Brett Wilson estimated that PTV would represent at least 10% of all advertising dollars transacted through TubeMogul’s platform in 2016.


‘Beyond Critical Mass’ On The Horizon For Addressable TV: Cadreon’s Matt Bayer

*This interview was conducted by Beet TV

‘Beyond Critical Mass’ On The Horizon For Addressable TV: Cadreon’s Matt Bayer


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