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How Cadreon’s Arun Kumar Connects The Dots Between Walled Gardens

Arun Kumar, global president at Cadreon, will take the stage Jan. 19 to share Cadreon’s full vision for the future at Industry Preview in New York City.

Walled gardens are cropping up across the digital ecosystem.

“It’s just the way the world is going to be for the foreseeable future,” said Arun Kumar, global president at Cadreon. “I don’t see that changing.”

As president of a global trading desk, it’s Kumar’s job to follow the consumer across these walls as he or she moves through the digital world, which involves evaluating and partnering with vendors who can patch together a holistic journey.

“The way we look at investments is, what’s going to help us get commonality across channels and tactics?” Kumar said. “How do we navigate the reality where consumers seamlessly move across screens?”

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