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Agency, Media Execs Talk Data, OTT And The 2017 Upfronts

It doesn’t take a psychic to predict that the role of audience-based strategies and the data that drive those will be more in evidence than ever during this year’s fast-approaching television upfronts.

But what, specifically, do agency and media executives expect to happen in regard to so-called programmatic or advanced television deals this time around?

“The data being brought to the table by clients has really materialized in the last year,” agreed Erica Schmidt, EVP, managing director, North America at Cadreon, IPG MediaBrands’ ad tech unit, adding: “Surprisingly, it’s come from CPGs, like the Hersheys of the world. These companies don’t really have a digital play, but they’re thinking very seriously about their data and their ownership of it. That’s being complemented by the financial services industry and other industries that you would anticipate would have bigger, richer data sets. But even they are really just getting their houses in order in this respect, and they’re looking for our guidance on how they can best leverage those assets.

“I think that the easiest translation point for that is the one-to-one — or one-to-household — addressability, in other words,” Schmidt said. “And device graphs are certainly helping us to get a much richer understanding of whether we’re really getting to the right households and on the right devices.

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