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Programmatic cross-device measurement sees 15% conversion lift

A major automotive manufacturer, believing that a consumer’s path to purchase frequently moves across multiple devices, wanted to better understand the role of mobile in the purchase funnel.


The automobile manufacturer was looking to analyze how all channels contribute to client conversions, focusing on mobile’s role in boosting sales and lowering CPAs, while also improving programmatic spending and reach for all clients.


Cadreon began using DoubleClick cross-device conversion metrics to measure the impact of mobile and other devices on each conversion. DoubleClick’s cross-device conversion metrics are built to work across all types of ad buys, both programmatic and reservations, and cover all screens, channels (search and display) and formats. This breadth gives advertisers a unified view of their customers and visibility to the specific effect each touchpoint has on sales. The data showed that single-channel measurement had been dramatically underestimating the results of their campaigns.