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Ad Fraud is an ongoing battle, and Cadreon implement market leading technologies and techniques in the fight against it. We keep up to date on advancements in ad fraud by regularly attending meetings at industry bodies such as the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), JICWEBS town hall meetings, and meetings with 3rd party ad fraud vendors.

We constantly contact internal training policy which includes training for relevant staff to understand ad fraud and the technology available to identify and minimise ad fraud. In the UK, Cadreon has been certified by JICWEB’s for online anti-ad fraud and will continue to support industry commitments to reducing the issue. In addition, Cadreon have monthly meetings where staff may attend to understand all areas of programmatic trading including Ad Fraud. We work directly with a number of DSPs, when partnering with a new DSP there is a number of areas that are evaluated to identify that the partner can be trusted including ad fraud.

Cadreon supports the IAB initiative ads.txt (also known as Authorized Digital Sellers). Where an ads.txt file is present, Cadreon will only purchase inventory from authorized sellers. In the absence of an ads.txt file we will not exclude the publisher from targeting, but will continue to recommend that all publishers adopt ads.txt at the earliest opportunity. More information is available here about the IAB initiative:


For any further information about our ad fraud policies please contact